How to Bring Happiness to Yourself and Others by Becoming a Mentor

July 31, 2013

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By Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck (guest contributors)

When you have achieved success and financial security, don’t stop and stagnate. Constant and humble learning is our way to achieve continuous growth in our lives and be relevant. Sharing and declaring your success is the magic key on your continuous journey of transformation.

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Mentoring is an excellent way to keep the momentum for you and at the same time impart courage and optimism to inspire others. By doing this, you are also sending a constant reminder to yourself with positive affirmations.

How to advise your mentee

When you advise your mentee, you will be reminding yourself too. Your mentee would be able to provide a touch of refreshing energy and a different perspective to give you ideas for your life.

You can further build your wealth by working or thinking harder than others in an enjoyable journey that can be continued with a mentoring program. It doesn’t take much effort to help others and believe in them. Everybody can be somebody with the right attitude. In other words, you can change your own destiny by changing your attitude! So remind your mentee to adopt a positive attitude and to constantly challenge themselves to go beyond the limit.

You can help your mentee to learn, unlearn and relearn; to constantly look for fresh ideas; to keep an open mind to look at problems from different angles; to turn crisis into opportunity.

Coach your mentee to focus on giving and being grateful. Do not look at how doing something would benefit yourself, but at how it would benefit other people. Your mentees can go on to mentor others when they have been motivated to produce results and experience success in their lives.

Dreaming bigger dreams

Dream! Encourage your mentee to dream bigger dreams. Sometimes, a tiny spark is all it takes to ignite the energy that lies within your mentee. Whatever your mentees’ dreams are, let them know that they can achieve them by moving from what they are to what they can be with an attitude of positive belief and taking action.

The size of our success is always determined by the size of our dreams. Constantly seek new challenges to stay relevant. Step up to experience Life and know that you are guided in the journey of endless growth. Every one of us can improve our financial situation and live our life healthily, joyfully and passionately.

Allow me to be your Mentor and to ask you this question:

“If you have sufficient money today to not worry about your daily and retirement expenses, what would you be doing?”

If you have the answer, you would have an idea for another new life experience or additional stream of income to enjoy your mid-life without crisis. Follow your heart to find your purpose in life.

Once you are able to take care of your basic lifestyle for yourself and your family, it is time to think about what we really enjoy and are passionate about. Do or start something you enjoy doing for yourself and for others.

Replace your worry with Big Dreams on what you can achieve and take action to create what you want. By doing so, you will be able to follow your heart to enjoy both the journey and the fruits. At the same time, find true happiness from serving others, and add value to society and make a difference. We only have one life to live. Think about it.

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We know many people do not finish reading a book they have started so this book is deliberately written in a very simple manner with different topics of interest. If you have come thus far, congratulations, you are on the right path to enjoying your mid-life with an increased level of happiness.

It is never too late to start living a wonderful new life. Add value to the world by sharing what inspires you with others and help them get what they want in life too.

There is no status quo. We can all continue to learn and improve and do the best we can in our journey to be selfless multi-millionaires.

When you are free to enjoy yourself and do the things you really like doing, it is time to think and plan how you want to live your retirement (typically in your sixties and beyond) with no crisis too!

For us, we imagine ourselves doing our morning Qigong exercise after sending our grandchildren to school. Then we will monitor our property and stock investments and attend the AGMs (Annual General Meetings) of our value stock investments. Afterwards, we will prepare simple and nutritious meals for our family and friends. We will continue to learn, give and be relevant. We will be grateful and in a happy emotional state. What about you?

All the best to your journey to leading a fulfilling and financially savvy life!


By Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck, authors of Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis.

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