Stop Complaining and Seek Your Financial Freedom

August 12, 2014

in Insurance

By Financial Freedom (guest contributor)

Ever since I started embarking on my journey towards financial freedom, I have been maintaining a frugal lifestyle so that I would not be trapped in a financially-sorry situation.

One day I had a dream. A dream that I could be successful. A dream where my time was my own. A dream where I could wake up when my body is ready, go to sleep when I am tired and never again live by schedules other than my own. I am a changed person now.

Stop complaining

We often hear people complaining about how they are underserving of their messed up financial situations; we frequently see people complaining in Yahoo News everyday on how incompetent the government is. A few may be worth our sympathy but most are plain ridiculous. Simply put, these people are plain losers who talk more than they act.

In my opinion, I don’t see how they can have time to complain every single day but yet deny having any time to earn extra income and plan their lives. It seems like all they need are sympathetic pats on their heads.

What surprised me the most is that as I become financially-wiser, my sense of frustration will grow upon hearing these complaints. I try to empathize with their situations, but till a certain point, you just know it’s just hopeless.

Seek your financial freedom

When someone is ready to change, they will. All I can do is to advise, guide and lead by example. But the will to change our lives is in our hands .

What about you? Do you consider your knowledge a blessing or a curse? Stop wasting time waddling in circles and sinking further in your muddy financial situation! Act now and reach your dream of financial freedom!


By Financial Freedom, a Singapore personal finance blog whose founder is a contributor to CPF’s IMSavvy.

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